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Kay's Doll Figurine by Bob Timberlake


Kay's Doll Figurine was inspired by the Popularity of Bob Timberlake's painting "Christmas After Christmas".  This was released in 1982 and is extremely rare.  It is noted in publication "B ob Timberlake - A Collector's Guide" on page 66 and is described as "quite rare"  This piece is #557 of 5000.  It is hand signed by Bob Timberlake - "Best Wishes - Bob Timberlake".

Price $275.00

Late Snow at Riverwood by Bob Timberlake Crystal

This is an incredibly rare "Late Snow at Riverwood" crystal figurine.  It consists of three pieces of cut crystal.  This piece itself dates back to 1995.  However, this piece was taken to an artist signing in 2002 and was hand signed in gold by Bob Timberlake on the front and signed again and dated on the back.  The plaque on the front reads "LATE SNOW AT RIVERWOOD - Bob Timberlake - A Steinbach Gallery Edition - Limited to 500 Hand Engraved Examples - Exclusively For Goebel".    Comes with the original box.

Measurements: 8 7/8" W x 3 3/4" H x 1 3/4" D

Price $275.00

Seasons Greetings Cachet/Mini Lithograph

Seasons Greetings Cachet/Mini Lithograph

This is an unusual item that we ran across.  We have never seen anything like it before.  It is a  large "Seasons Greetings 1980" reproduction of the 1980 Bob Timberlake Christmas stamp. These were sold by the Andrews Cachet Company in Asheboro, NC and there were only 3500 produced.  This cachet does not look like the post cards or envelopes that you usually see. This looks more like a miniature lithograph.  It's framed  measurements are 16 3/4"  x 13/ 1/2".  It has hand deckled edges and is a numbered limited edition.  The edition size was limited to 3500.  Each has a cancelled stamp affixed indicating first day of issue in Christmas, Michigan Oct. 31, 1980.  Triple matted with a linen outer mat, red & green accent mats, and UV Glass.

Price $45.00

2 Early (Bill) W A Flowers Face Jugs from the Bob Timberlake Collection

These two face jugs were originally owned by Bob Timberlake.  The pair was sold at a Brunk Auction in 2006 for $375.  They still have the original Lot Tag and comes with supporting documentation.  W A Flowers is a well known face jug potter.  William Flowers is a self taught artist from the mountains of rural Western North Carolina, Bill has honed his skill to the point that his work has been on exhibit at the Smithsonian for the past 10 years, and he has been proclaimed by some, as the most creative potter in America .  Highly collectible and museum quality pieces.  Both are marked on bottom "WA Flowers, NC Mts.".  One jug has a single broken china tooth and both have a  scattered rutile glaze. Both stand about 7" tall.

Price $375.00


Glencoe by Bob Timberlake

Glencoe by Bob Timberlake

Here is a rare and unusual item.  This is a small framed print called Glencoe.  This small print was included in the Bob Timberlake Collection boxed set that now has a secondary market value of $3000.  It was issued in 1977.  Not many people know that this little print was included as an extra in many of the Bob Timberlake Collection boxed sets that were sold.  It is a nice quality unsigned mini lithograph with hand deckled edges.  This painting is featured in the World of Bob Timberlake Book.   It is framed/triple matted with linen/acid free mats and UV Glass.  Perfect gift for the Bob Timberlake collector.   Framed measurements:  13" X 15" inches.

Price $50.00

Kay's Doll Plate

kaysplate.jpg (11081 bytes)
Kay's Doll Plate

The Limited Edition plate is edged with 24K gold, with a very low number of 861/9500.  The Fall 2000 secondary market price guide as published by the Bob Timberlake Gallery values the collectors plate at $350.  It is packaged in the original box with certificate of authenticity.

Price $125.00

Bob Timberlake "Autumn Afternoons" Signed/Numbered 50/500

fig2.jpg (71716 bytes)

fig1.jpg (102564 bytes)
Signed and numbered on the bottom by Bob Timberlake
Number: 50/500


Goebel Masterpieces in Miniatures - "Autumn Afternoons Vignette". This beautiful item is limited to 500 pieces and is signed and numbered by Bob Timberlake. The base which has a tree, a Mr. Timberlake in a chair drawing, a pumpkin patch and other little various things serves as home to the other miniature pieces that individually make up the entire display.  Each miniature is boxed and includes:  "South Carolina Heritage", "Distant Drums", "My Cider Barrel", and "Christmas After Christmas".  It is dated 1995, has never been displayed and comes in the original boxes shown.  The Bob Timberlake Gallery sells this wonderful piece for $350.

Price $150.00 

First Day Issue Christmas Stamp


This is a wonderful 1980 First Day Issue of a Christmas stamp that Bob Timberlake designed and is in Good Condition. Postmarked in Christmas, Michigan.  Suitable for framing. 

Price $9.99

6 Original Bob Timberlake Sales Brochure


This is a RARE find.  Six original uncirculated sales brochures.  All in mint condition and some are quite old. 

These include:

bullet1987 August Colors
bullet1987 The Granary
bullet1987 Gilley's Cows
bullet1988 Near Grandfather
bullet1990 Blue Rocker
bullet2004 White Washed

What a great addition to your collection!  Suitable for framing.

  Price $15.99

Two First Day Issue Ceremony Program Brochures

We have two original First Day Issue Ceremony Program Brochures.  The program brochure on the top was from a ceremony celebrating the Playmakers Theatre Postal Card.  It includes a postal card with First Day Issue cancellation dated September 14, 1993.  The postal card is hand-signed by Bob Timberlake (stamp designer).  It also has signatures from others participating in the program including:
bulletBill Austin - District Manager Customer Services U. S. Postal Service
bulletC. D. Spangler, Jr. - President, University of North Carolina
bulletPaul Hardin, Chancellor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
bulletMichael Joseph Andrews, III - Class of '94
bulletWilliam Henderson - Chief Marketing Officer/Senior Vice President U. S. Postal Service
bulletBuddy Stutts - Postmaster Chapel Hill, NC

The bottom program brochure is from the First Day Issue Ceremony for the North Carolina Statehood Stamp.  The program is hand-signed by Bob Timberlake (stamp designer).  It includes a stamp with the First Day Issue cancellation dated August 22, 1989.

Both of these are in Mint/Near Mint Condition.  A extremely rare find.

Price $75.00

Framed Bob Timberlake Stamps
Framed Dimensions: 10" X 15 3/4"

Bob Timberlake designed three stamps for the US Postal Service. His work was featured on the 1980 Seasons Greeting Christmas Stamp, 1988 North Statehood Stamp, and 1989 South Carolina Statehood Stamp. We have all 3 framed with UV protective glass, wood moulding, linen/rag outer mat and a green accent mat. The stamps themselves are uncirculated and are "float mounted". Finished back with bumpons, hanger, and dust cover. Unique item for the Timberlake collector.

  Price $45.00

Bob Timberlake Coffee Table Book - Somewhere in Time


This is a MINT/NEAR MINT copy of Somewhere in Time.  The book signed and includes the original mini print - Somewhere in Time.  Unread copy!  Collector grade!   The current secondary market value for this book is $250.  This is a rare find.  Almost impossible to find this book in this condition.  Published in 1989.

Price $80.00

Bob Timberlake Coffee Table Book - Roots and Reflections


This is a MINT/NEAR MINT copy of Roots and Reflections.  The book not signed.  Unread copy!  Collector grade!   The current secondary market value for this book is $250.  This is a rare find.  Almost impossible to find this book in this condition.   Includes the original shipping box. Published in 1997.

Price $65.00

Fly Fishing in North Carolina with Foreword Written by Bob Timberlake


This is a MINT/NEAR MINT copy of Fly Fishing in North Carolina by Buck Paysour with foreword written by Bob Timberlake.  Unread copy!  Collector grade!   This book is not only packed with practical information on where and how to experience the best fly fishing available, but it is also a paean to the grace and beauty of a much beloved sport and a much beloved state.  Published in 1995.  Paperback

Price $14.00

This is a MINT/NEAR MINT copy of Carolina Preserves by William Mangum.  The book is not signed.  Shrink wrapped.  Collector grade!   Original retail price for this book was $95.  This is a rare find.  Almost impossible to find this book in this condition.  Published in 2000.

Price $75.00

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